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About Agora Pre-Event “Aegean Dream Since 1985”

AEGEE-Urla welcomes you to a full 2-day programme just before the Fall Agora of 2005! We'll begin by checking in to our rooms at IYTE campus on 17th of October. During the next two days we'll be visiting important historical and cultural sites in and surrounding Izmir, and having fun like crazy in the evenings

We'll visit...

The “Original” Agora! (You'll have seen the “Agora” before the Agora)
The Clock Tower, the monument that is the symbol of Izmir
“Kemeraltı Çarşısı”, the historical shopping district
“Kızlarağası Hanı”, an ancient caravanserai with its authentic atmosphere
The House of Virgin Mary
Ancient City of Ephesus, one of the cradles of Greek civilisation and culture
Şirince Village, famous for its fructal wines

We'll also...

Taste the different aspects of local cuisine
Shrug off the day's tiredness with the craziest parties
Have a chance to introduce to each other our cultures

Breakfasts are included in the fee, but lunches and dinners are unfortunately not.

The participation fee is 30 Euros.

Where is Izmir?


By Plane:
The best way to continue the journey from the airport to İYTE is to take the airport - city shuttle bus. The company that runs this bus line which takes the passenger straight into the city without making interim stops is called HAVAŞ. The company name will be inscribed on the side of the bus in fairly large font. The HAVAŞ bus will be waiting by the curb so that it is rather noticeable when one exits the international arrivals terminal. If you do not see it, ask one of the uniformed airport attendants. They most likely speak English but uttering the two words, 'HAVAŞ otobüsü?' in an inquiring intonation (voice raised at the end of the phrase) will ask the necessary question. (The letter Ş is pronounced as would be SH in English.)

Once on the HAVAŞ bus, an attendant will ask you at which downtown terminal you intend to get off. You will be asked to pay a different price according to the terminal you name. The terminal we advise you to name will cost around 4.25 €/person. Fare prices fluctuate in direct correlation with the international rate for oil, but the difference will be a nuance of the amount named above. A taxi cab from the airport to the same terminal will cost around 18.50 €.

It is advisable to have some local currency for when you arrive, as exchange offices may be closed if you arrive at an odd hour. You will have to pay the HAVAŞ fare in Turkish Liras.

Once in the city, the HAVAŞ bus makes several stops. The most expedient stop for those who are İYTE-bound is the one at Hotel Ephesus ('Efes Oteli'). Getting off at Hotel Ephesus will leave you a few steps away from İYTE's downtown complex. On the remote chance that you miss your welcoming party, look around you and spot where the sea is (the Aegean Sea). Then cross the street and walk in the other direction from the sea. After a two-minute walk, you will get to the entrance of İYTE downtown.

By Bus:
If you arrive in Izmir by bus, you will be coming into Izmir’s central bus station around 8 km northeast of the city centre. We will meet you at the central bus station. If you miss your party, follow the tips given above for arrival by air. Most large bus companies will have shuttle service to various terminal points in the city. One of these is likely going to be in the immediate vicinity of the HAVAŞ terminal at Ephesus Hotel described above. Take the shuttle to the terminal nearest to this hotel and walk to İYTE downtown. If there is no shuttle, take a taxi cab to Ephesus Hotel. The fare will be around 5.80 €.

By Train:
Izmir has two railway stations. The Alsancak station serves the Aegean hinterland, while the Basmane station serves long-distance routes. Follow the tips given above for arrival by air. Take a taxi cab to Ephesus Hotel. The fare will be around 1.60 €.

Arriving by sea:
You would be arriving at Alsancak Harbour. Follow the tips given above for arrival by air. Take a taxi cab to Ephesus Hotel. The fare will be around 1.60 €.

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