What Is AEGEE?
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Antenna is the name of an AEGEE local. An antenna usually organises at least one European event per year as well as local activities. Currently there are almost 260 antennae and contact groups in AEGEE, from Moscow to London, from Istanbul to Stockholm.


The Agora, AEGEE General Assembly, meets twice a year. Up to 1000 AEGEE members gather for three days to discuss proposals and projects, take decisions and set up the guidelines for AEGEE.

Planning Meeting

The Planning Meeting is the association's think tank. It serves to set up AEGEE's thematic orientation. It takes place twice a year: in March as "Think Europe!" meeting and in September as "Action Europe!" meeting.

Comité Directeur

The Comité Directeur, the board of directors, consists of a maximum of nine persons from at least four countries. Every CD member has his or her own area of responsibility. As a whole, the CD is the administrative and representative body of AEGEE, with responsibility for contacts to the European Union and The Council of Europe.
To learn more about the CDs in the history of AEGEE, click here.

Working Groups

Working Groups are the thematic backbone of AEGEE. They are multinational groups of AEGEE members which organise events on a specific topic, such as education policy, minorities in Europe and environmental issues.

The Commissions

The Commissions are supporting or controlling bodies to the CD. They consist of the Audit Commission, the Members Commission, the Juridical Commission and the Network Commission.

Project Teams

The Project Teams coordinate the work of the European-wide projects of AEGEE. These projects are series of conferences and other activities on a certain subject. The teams consist of members from the different participating locals.

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