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What is “Summer University”?

Summer Universities (SU's for short) are 7-15-day events that are organized with purposes of education, sightseeing or just plain fun, during which AEGEE members from different regions of Europe are accomodated. Members from different cultures take part in cultural exchange and learn while attending lessons and workshops on the selected theme and have fun in parties, excursions and other activities which are limited only by the creativity of the hosts.

What is the aim of “Summer Universities”?

Integration among European youth, intercultural communication, cultural exchange, abolishing prejudices, developing cooperation, mutual trust and understanding are among the main aims of Summer Universities.

What is the content of “Summer Universities”?

Summer Universities can be organized on a variety of subjects, including but not limited to, sports, language, culture, music, dancing, as well as “serious” subjects such as politics and law. Hundreds of Summer Universities are organized throughout Europe every summer, each with an original, distinguishing subject.

How to apply to “Summer Universities”?

Members planning to join a Summer University can obtain information from either the SU Catalog that are sent to AEGEE locals in Spring, or from the official website
To apply, it is necessary to be an AEGEE member, and to pay the € 2.5 application fee to the AEGEE local.

What is the usual fee for a Summer University?

Because Summer Universities are organized by volunteers, profit is not an issue, and thus the whole organization depends on support from sponsors. Most of the expenses are covered by sponsors, the fee for a 15-day Summer University, including accomodation, food, and transportation, is between € 120 and € 160.

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